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When the handicrafts of Les Saintes meet the art of Batik

Specializing in retail clothing and craft accessories, Maogany is a boutique where morality, friendliness and authenticity are essential values.
Established in Les Saintes over 40 years ago, Maogany creates local artisanal hand-made clothing inspired by the sun and the bright colors of the Caribbean Sea. Among our creations are unique, hand-dyed items we make using the Batik technique.

Selected for their styles and artisanal manufacturing processes, French and European designers are affiliated with our brand image through our “premium range” ready-to-wear line of clothing. From the handmade Breton sandal braided with materials used throughout the history of the marine shoe, to quality clothing that is modern and fashionable in all sizes, for women, men and children, short or tall, thin or curvy.
And because elegance and quality don’t stop at your outfit, we also offer you the perfect, special style in our accessories as well!

You can enhance your style with a real Panama hat direct from Ecuador, adjust your sarong with a handmade calabash attachment from the Valley of Grande Rivière, or for a finishing touch to your exceptional outfit, add a real shell pendant from Marie-Galante coated with a layer of pure 24-carat gold and enamel earrings from Corrèze, France.

How can you not feel unique when every piece you wear is exceptional and irreplaceable!

High-quality artisanal products, unique pieces, customizable and accessible to all: this is the raison d’être and satisfaction of the Maogany brand!


All our products are made from high-quality raw materials that we carefully select. Our Peruvian cottons, French and Dutch linens and Habotai silks are then hand-dyed in our workshop. Women’s, men’s and children’s collections: we dress the entire family with the same high standards!
Meaning “written in wax,” Batik is an ancient craft technique of polychrome printing that enables us to create inimitable patterns and colors. By dipping the fabric in one or more paint baths using the artist’s secrets about working with fabrics with natural drying, the sun and wind create unique reflections on each garment they caress.
Each piece of our clothing collection is made on site and entirely by hand. You will never find two identical items in our shop! From girls’ skirts to men’s shirts, all our ready-to-wear items are customizable in the colors of your choice.
The basic color remains the bright and powerful ultramarine blue of the Caribbean Sea. Its changing reflections bring life to the patterns we create. The islands offer such colorful shows! The blue of the sea, polarized by an ascending sun, is followed by the shades of a sky at the end of the day. This is how our color chart was born….


Whether you are looking for a cocktail dress for a special night, a romantic skirt or a sarong for the summer, Maogany creates pieces as unique as you are!

Collection femme - Maogany


From a polo and capri pants ensemble for the weekend, or a shirt and trousers for the weekday, quality and class are also combined with masculinity at Maogany.

Collection homme - Maogany


With a skirt for a little Caribbean mermaid and shorts for a mischievous Robinson, Maogany dresses children with the same quality standards as their parents!


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For further information or special orders, do not hesitate to contact us by filling in the contact form. We will be very happy to discuss your needs with you and will answer as soon as possible. You can also contact us directly at our boutique at +590 (0)590 99 50 12.

For the delight of our customers, we deliver our collections and range of products throughout the world.