Each piece has a history born from the hands of a craftsman
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Fashionable creations based on unique know-howCOMBINE STYLE AND ELEGANCE WITH HANDMADE JEWELERY

Jewelry made from natural shells, a calabash pendant, enamel earrings – these are much more than accessories in our collection: each piece has a history born from the hands of an artisan.

The local crafts community established in the Caribbean for more than 40 years inspires us every day in the choice of our collections. Beyond our desire to always offer you high-quality products, we also select our craftspeople based on their authenticity and know-how.

For Oceom’s designer, the real artist is nature! Fascinated by shells and tropical natural products, this craftsman sublimates Marie-Galante’s plants and minerals by coating them with a layer of pure 24-carat gold, revealing the extraordinary relief of their original shapes.

With necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings made of Guadeloupe seeds, sarong attachments and calabash pendants, the Nature Design workshop of Philippe Cazalis, located in the Valley of Grand Rivière in Vieux-Habitants, is a place of art and authenticity where each piece created is a true work of art.

And if you want to enhance your style of jewelry with a thousand and one reflections, you will undoubtedly succumb to the enamel creations of the workshop of Le Saut du Loup. Enriched with granulated metal foils, silver threads and fine gold decoration, these jewels from Corrèze, France acquire nuances and depth thanks to the action of fire and the craftsperson’s know-how.

Wear accessories that are as sublime and unique as you are!